• Royal Jelly

    • Our Royal Jelly is a highly complex substance secreted from the glands of nursing bees and fed to the larvae destined to be queens. The queen eats Royal Jelly exclusively throughout her life, which can be considerable since she grows much larger and lives much longer than the average worker bee. Royal Jelly contains the natural factor, 10-Hydroxy-2-Decenoic Acid (10-HDA), one of the most important components of Royal Jelly. Taken extensively to promote energy and health it is considered by many to be a potent anti-oxidant with benefits to the immune system, cardiovascular health, and much more, including: More energy

      – Weight Loss / control

      – Healthier skin and hair

      – More youthful appearance

      – Strengthened immune system

      – Reproductive health – fertility benefits

      – More resilience to colds/flu

      – Reduced feelings of stress etc.

      Now you can enjoy the “natural goodness from Mother Nature.”

      Supports: Antioxidant/anti-aging, excellent natural energy, boost to the immune system

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